Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your located?

We are a mobile service so we travel to you and we have all the required equipment on-board (excluding water and power).

How long does a Superior Valet take?

An average sized car can take between 2.5 to 4 hours.

Why does a valet take so long?

We need to maintain our high standards and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

How long will it take for the seats and carpets to fully dry after they have been shampooed?

During the winter season it can take up to a few days and this time can be reduced by leaving your engine running and heater on for a few hours. In the summer season, drying time can be around 4 hours which is dependent on how dirty the interior was.

I would like my car valeted so how do I get to you?

We come to you as we are a mobile service. Contact us by telephone on 083 310 310 4 or email us at

How much notice is needed to book a valet?

Iit really depends on your location and how busy we are. We would however advise you to book us in advance if you have a special occasion planned.

Can you clean my car while I am at work?

Yes, as we are a mobile service we can come to your house or place of work.


Again we offer a mobile service but for the larger jobs we offer a free collect and return service and include a free car wash prior to returning your vehicle back to you and WE HAVE FULLY COMPREHENSIVE MOTOR TRADERS INSURANCE